Stock Donations

Gifting stock is a great way to support Canisius High School.

It can also be an effective tax saving strategy for you and your family.

Canisius maintains a brokerage account at a local Merrill Lynch office where stocks can be deposited. Typically, stocks will be liquidated immediately and on settlement the proceeds will be sent to the school. However, we are able to accommodate unique circumstances at the donor’s request where the donated securities are liquidated over a certain period of time and/or at a certain price so as to minimize any possible negative reaction to the market for that security. We also have access to the Merrill Lynch institutional trading desk for very large concentrated positions.

There are different ways to donate stock to Canisius. We have made it easy and stress-free to complete your donation.

Wire Transfer

This is the most common and simple method used by donors in gifting stock to the school. Contact your financial advisor and instruct him/her to transfer shares of stock you currently hold in your account to the account of Canisius High School.

Stock Certificates

Less common, but easily completed, would be if you are in possession of stock certificates, or if you hold shares at the company’s investment program aka DRIP plans.

Please contact one of the following to assist you in that transfer:

Entity Name: Canisius High School
DTC Title: Merrill Lynch
Advisor: Timothy L. Kane ’80
Office: 716.635.4360
Advisor’s Assistant: Anne Dugan
Office: 716.635.4348

We will keep you apprised of receipt of the stock and all steps in the process. You will receive a letter from Canisius acknowledging your gift. Should you have any questions, please contact Andrew Deyell '91, vice president for institutional advancement at (716) 200-0265 or