Restricted Gifts

What is the benefit of giving a restricted gift? A restricted gift allows you to determine how your donation should be spent. This method of giving allows you to play a role in the distribution of support through certain restrictions on what is supported. There are two categories of restricted gifts at Canisius High School. They are endowed restricted and non-endowed restricted gifts.

Endowed Restricted Gifts

Endowed restricted gifts allow for a gift to be made annually in perpetuity. As set by the Canisius Board of Trustees, an endowed account will provide a gift of 5% interest (20 quarter cycle average) annually in perpetuity for the purpose established by the donor. The minimum gift level of an endowed gift is $50,000. Typical endowed gifts include:

  • Academic Programs
  • Co-curricular Programs
  • Experiential Learning
  • Faculty Chairs
  • Scholarships

Non-endowed Restricted Gifts

A non-endowed restricted gift allows a donor to provide a gift for a specific purpose in any amount. The difference between the endowed and a non-endowed gift is not in perpetuity. The principle amount is spent down until there is no principal left.