Parent Giving

The exceptional support of our parents leads to great opportunities for our students.

It is because of you, the parents, that our young men get to experience all that a Jesuit education has to offer at Canisius High School. However, it is important for us to inform our families of the true cost of educating their sons.

Did you know there is a gap of $2,300 per student between the tuition we charge and the full cost of an education at Canisius annually?

The Parent Giving Program, a part of the Annual Fund, is a way for parents to help bridge the gap. Your generous support through the Parent Giving Program helps Canisius offer service learning opportunities and continually enriches our students' overall high school experience.

Our goal is 100% parent participation in the Parent Giving Program. This will ensure the cost of tuition remains affordable for most families. We understand this is an additional financial commitment, but it is important to know that every gift matters, NO MATTER THE SIZE!

Help us reach 100% parent participation. Support the Annual Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Parent Giving Program?

The goal of this program is to educate all Canisius families about the true cost of educating their sons. There is a $2,300 gap between the cost of tuition and the actual cost of a Canisius education each year. Through the Parent Giving Program, our current families are encouraged to give to the Annual Fund. Alumni, family, and friends of Canisius support this fund to help cover the gap.

2. What is the cost to educate my son at Canisius?

The total cost to educate your son at Canisius is $16,550 for one academic year. Tuition and fees are $14,250. This leaves a gap of $2,300. Tuition and fees cover only 86% of the cost to educate our students, 14% must come from other sources. This does not sound like much, but when multiplied by the number of students at Canisius the total yearly gap is over $2 million.

3. How is tuition determined?

The Board of Trustees sets tuition based on enrollment projections, staffing, operating costs and anticipated revenue for the academic year.

4. How do tuition prices compare to other schools in the area?

Tuition and fees at Canisius currently total $15,200 per year. Canisius strives to keep education affordable while offering a superior high school experience. Here is a comparison to other local private high schools:

  • Nichols School: $23,400 to $24,950
  • Park School: $9,000 to $23,560
  • St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute: $13,855
  • St. Francis High School: $13,925

5. How does the Parent Giving Program in the Annual Fund benefit my child?

We rely on the Annual Fund to help fund academics, technology, athletics, programs and clubs. It also provides opportunities such as immersion trips, retreats and community service. Gifts made to the Annual Fund go to work immediately to benefit your child this school year.

6. Why are we being asked to participate?

The goal is to educate each family about the true cost of education verses tuition charged, with specific ways to help cover the true cost. Donations to the Annual Fund help cover the gap. Each and every family is asked to participate.

7. Am I expected to participate?

Yes. We understand the cost of tuition is a concern for some families in our school community. It is our hope that many families who are financially able to do so will generously donate to the Annual Fund. If a donation is not possible at this time, we hope you have a greater appreciation of the tremendous support your child and family receive from others.

8. Will I still be able to receive tuition assistance if I make a donation?

Yes. This program will have no impact on the tuition assistance that a family may receive. Scholarships and grants are our commitment to make Canisius affordable and accessible to most families. However, it is our hope that each family will consider a commitment to the Annual Fund.

9. Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. All gifts to the Annual Fund are considered donations, and are therefore tax deductible. Please check with your accountant to discuss your charitable giving and the positive impact it can have on your tax liability.

10. When can I make my gift to the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund year starts on July 1st and runs through June 30th of the following year. All gifts will be credited to the current academic year at the time they are received.

11. Are there additional ways I can participate?

Yes! Our largest annual event is GAMBIT. It's the premier dinner auction in Western New York. Parents, alumni, and friends all support the event. Gift donations for the silent or live auction are needed and appreciated. Hosting or attending gift gathering parties, volunteering the night of GAMBIT, securing ads and sponsorships, or attending GAMBIT are other ways to participate.