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Kairos Retreat

Kairos is a decisive, momentary unveiling of the eternal.
C.S. Lewis

Kairos is a two-night, three-day experience open to all juniors. The retreat is led by a team of students and faculty or staff members who share reflections, lead meditations, and guide small group discussions about identity, spirituality, and personal growth. The retreat is typically held at Cradle Beach Camp, on Lake Erie, in Angola, New York.

Named for the Greek term meaning "God's time," the Kairos retreat offers students set-apart time to reflect more deeply on their experiences so far at Canisius and their relationship with self, God, and others.

Building upon the foundations established as underclassmen, participants of Kairos engage in a more substantial and challenging reflective experience. An in-depth focus on relationships with family and friends helps clarify and deepen one's understanding of and relationship with Christ. The Kairos retreat flows from a greater sense of gratitude towards one’s family, especially one’s parents, towards a deeper relationship with God and an introduction to intercessory prayer.

Students leave Kairos with a greater sense of their personal identity, community and familial belonging, and call to faith, discipleship, and service.

For more information, please contact Fr. Charles Frederico, S.J. at