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Canisius students are expected to serve others.

Through the service program, Canisius students learn that their experiences of service to others are as valuable for their growth as their time in the classroom.

From freshman service days, where students spend a school day helping local community organizations, the Companions program where juniors can go on extended service immersion trips, and the Fourth Day retreat – an optional service retreat for seniors – students are invited to many experiences of service over their four years at Canisius. These experiences can include such activities as organizing materials at the Teacher’s Desk or serving in a soup kitchen at St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy.

By expecting each student to volunteer at least 100 hours of service over the course of his four years, Canisius offers all students many opportunities for real growth through their encounters with the marginalized. Along with fostering an ongoing desire to serve the needs of others in charity, Canisius hopes to instill a lifelong commitment to justice.