Year-End House Activities

By CHS staff


This newly completed 2019-2020 school year will undoubtedly go down in history as a challenging one, but it's also one that ended on a positive note with the first ever end-of-the-year Canisius House Activities.

Canisius students, as well as faculty and staff, were encouraged to select and participate in a variety of House Activities developed by the Canisius House Council. The choices included physical activities, opportunities to showcase artistic talents, trivia contests, video games, and community involvement.

For the 20:20 Run/Walk, participants were asked to walk or run through their neighborhood for a minimum of 20 minutes and 20 seconds to mark the end of the 2020 school year, and then share their photos on social media using #Run2020CHS

The Push Up the Blue and Gold Contest challenged participants to record a video of themselves doing as many pushups as they could in one minute. Reilly Eagan '20 took the top spot with 65 pushups. With 32 pushups Fr. Michael Corcoran, S.J. '76 was the top Jesuit competitor.

The Open to Growth challenge was an opportunity for participants to showcase new things they've learned about themselves during the pandemic, or talents they've developed.

Several students and teachers participated in an online Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament. Jake Hoak '21 emerged as the winner.


Students could also opt to partake in the Canisius Environmental Outreach. This involved looking around our neighborhoods for people who may be unable to care for their property because of age, mental or physical sickness, or other disabling conditions, and offering help. Some Crusaders also took on the challenge of working in parks which needed cleaning from the winter.

tyler lucia

Tyler Lucia '21

One of the most popular challenges was the Madden NFL Tournament. Braydon Vandenberg ’22 defeated Dom Ricci ’21 for the championship.

braydon vandenberg

Braydon Vandenberg '22

Participants could test their Buffalo knowledge by competing in the Buffalo Trivia Scavenger Hunt. Check out the sample question below (scroll down for the answer). Michael Scime '23  of Xavier House won the Scavenger Hunt by correctly solving 16 of the 20 riddles.

trivia question

Thank you to all who took part and helped bring a challenging school year to a close with some fun, community-minded activities. We're looking forward to seeing everyone back on campus in the fall!


Trivia question answer: Red Jacket, Forest Lawn Cemetery


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