Rowing for a Cause

By CHS staff


December 10, 2020 will mark four years since Andrew Mangan '18 broke his neck in an accident. 

"Each year I try to surprise everyone, including myself sometimes, by doing something physically challenging," explains Andrew. "This year I started rowing again."

On December 10 this year Andrew has a goal of rowing 100,000 meters, which would take approximately eight hours. He's doing this as a fundraiser for the High Fives Foundation which is focused on preventing life-changing injuries and providing resources and hope when these injuries do occur. 

"I will be rowing 10,000 meters for every $1000 donated. I hope you can make my sister and I hit 100,000 meters," Andrew says on his fundraising page. He wants to get back to kite surfing and says the High Fives Foundation is helping him towards that goal.

Since his injury four years ago Andrew also started a podcast called "Connecting the Resilient" which serves as a platform for spinal cord injury information, a place to share recovery stories and tips, as well as doctors' thoughts and foundation suggestions.


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