Practice Pays Off

By CHS staff


A student who is interested in attending Canisius High School, or another college preparatory high school, needs three components to earn admission: good grades, a good work ethic, and a good score on the entrance exam.

Most students do not look forward to taking standardized tests. It can be stressful, plus early mornings and other challenges can lead to a less-than-desirable result.

There is a way for students to increase their potential for earning a good score on any standardized test: practice.

Yes, practice is not glamorous, but it is effective. Practice exams can give a student a look at how the test taking experience will be in real time. He can face questions that are similar to actual test questions, and get a feel for the timing of the sections to lessen the unexpected on the real test day.

Canisius offers seventh grade boys a no-cost opportunity to test their skills with a practice version of the high school entrance exam. This year it is being offered on two dates: March 6 and April 24, from 9am to noon. Taking the practice exam will give students experience taking the exam and insight into areas where they may want to focus more of their study time. 

Studies show that taking a practice test in a simulated testing environment, using the results to identify weaknesses and then improving on those subsections, results in significantly improved test scores.

Admission representatives know that there is more to a person than a test score. However, a high score, as well as the willingness and desire to improve oneself, helps paint the picture of a successful student.

To sign up for either of the Canisius practice exam dates, please click here.

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Practice Pays Off

Boys currently in 7th grade can take a practice version of the high school entrance exam for free.