Morning of Reflection

By CHS staff


Sixteen Canisius High School seniors and their parents took part in a “Morning of Reflection” on Mother’s Day. The activity provides families with an opportunity to reflect on their high school experience from their own perspective -- as a student or parent -- to acknowledge the growth that has taken place over four years and to face the future with hope based on that growth. This year's Reflection had the unique advantage of allowing families to process the unexpected changes during these last months of senior year.

Canisius Religion department teacher Ms. Kathleen Riley (pictured above) and Canisius Campus Minister Fr. Michael Corcoran, S.J. ’76 (pictured below) facilitated the Morning of Reflection. They recorded video segments to guide the families through the reflection.

Families were also encouraged to prepare and enjoy a brunch together following the Morning of Reflection.

“Participation by all of us was my Mother's Day request,” said the mother of one of the senior participants. “This was so valuable to me for some ‘closure’ to our time at Canisius.” 

“We didn’t realize how much as parents we needed this, and how validated we felt about what we were feeling,” added another parent.

One parent described what the Morning of Reflection was like for their family:

“We went for a long walk and each took turns answering the questions. It led to discussion and, most importantly, when we finished our discussion I felt like we all were able to see that these past four years were much much more than what we have experienced these past two months. We all appreciated help and guidance in facilitating a meaningful conversation. It ended our four years beautifully.”

The student participants used fewer words to describe their Morning of Reflection experiences, but the general consensus is it was positive.

As one senior put it, “Well worth the time."

Fr. Corcoran


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