Lunchtime in 2020

By Hamilton McGrath '23


Canisius High School has undergone substantial changes during the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to learn safely, students, teachers, and faculty have had to abide by rules to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Many precautions have been implemented during the school day.

Lunch is different than many other parts of the day. Students must take their masks off to eat. They are also seated at the same tables while eating maskless. However, desk shields provide an extra barrier between the students. The Beecher and Montante cafeterias and the Scaccia Auditorium are all being used as eating areas.

In order for students to buy food from the cafeteria, they are going in order by table. For those in the auditorium, they go before the students in the cafeteria. Tables in the lunch areas have been spread further apart. Only four students are permitted at tables during lunch at both the rectangular and circular shaped tables. Students are also required to stay seated throughout the lunch period and must get permission to leave their seats. However, the students are not required to sit at assigned tables; they can choose any table they would like to sit at any day of the week. In the scenario that a student must leave his seat, he must put mask on until he returns to his seat. Until the lunch period is finished, students are allowed to take off their masks if they are in their seats. Students are not allowed to leave their designated eating area until the period is over unless an emergency situation occurs.

In terms of food being served to the students, the cafeteria had been set up for students to pick up “made to order” items. This year, there are are no salad and fruit bars due to Covid-19 restrictions. Areas inside the cafeteria that have had to be modified include the grill section and the deli bar. One of the major changes this year in preparing the food was making meals pre-packaged. Pre-packaged meals help facilitate the flow of students in and out of the cafeteria.

According to Chef Mike from Personal Touch, the school's food service provider, the lunch menu has expanded from what was initially anticipated this school year, and that all of the small changes along the way have been positive.

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