YMCA Youth of the Year
YMCA Youth of the Year
By Alec Hufford


Joe Peters '20 was honored with a YMCA Buffalo Niagara Seymour H. Knox, III Youth of the Year Award from the William-Emslie Family Branch.

While serving the YMCA for the past two years, it has been in this past year that Joe has gotten very involved in the YMCA's volunteering opportunities. Every weekend, Joe serves with the Saturday lunch program where they distribute food to people in the community. He also helps with watching children in the community, and has served as a volunteer counselor for the YMCA summer camp.

The YMCA honored Joe because of this extensive commitment to service within the branch's community. Two weeks ago when Joe received the letter about his award, he was surprised but grateful.

"I never really knew what this award even was until I heard that I won it," explains Joe. "But, I don't need an award to know that my hard work is paying off for the community."

Joe plans to work at the YMCA camp as an assistant counselor this summer.