Sponsorship Review
Sponsorship Review
By Alec Hufford


This 2018-2019 school year, Canisius High School is undergoing a Spirit-led, community-driven venture to explore the values and practices of Jesuit education and determine how Canisius can even better conform to the apostolic, global, and counter-cultural vision of the Society of Jesus.

The endeavor, known as the Sponsorship Review Process, is undertaken by Jesuit schools every five years to ensure the best possible academic and formative environment for students, while emphasizing the Jesuit foundation and Ignatian heart of the institution. The process includes both a self-study initiative, where groups of faculty and staff meet several times in the year to discuss how Jesuit values are lived out in our Canisius community, and an outside evaluative component as a team from the Jesuit province visit the school to assess our success at fulfilling the Society's goals.

The central document for the self-study portion of the project, Our Way of Proceeding: Standards and Benchmarks for Jesuit Schools in the 21st Century, states that "Jesuit schools engage in a Sponsorship Review Process to hold themselves accountable for determining how well each school is fulfilling its mission as a Jesuit school." From the most foundational understandings of the school's Roman Catholic identity integrated into the academic curriculum, to its governance and leadership, and even student faith formation in matters of social justice, the review process deconstructs many elements of Canisius' way of proceeding so as to ensure we are superbly Jesuit in all categories.

Among the students, faculty, and administration, confidence is high that the review sponsorship process will illuminate a myriad of ways Canisius excels as a Jesuit high school, both in academic excellence and spiritual formation.