Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad
By Ethan Moeller '14


While Canisius' success in athletics may be top of mind when many people think of Canisius, the school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities for all types of student interests. Some of the opportunities for students to exercise their minds and compete against other schools include Model UN, Chess Club, Masterminds and Science Olympiad. 

What is Science Olympiad?

The Science Olympiad is a national competition that pits schools against each other in a myriad of science themed events. This year, Canisius has students competing in events that range from code breaking, to thermodynamics, forensics, geology, biology and chemistry. Though all of these events are certainly academically themed and push students to become masters of their chosen field, some of these events require students to apply their knowledge of science to the construction of a specific item. For example, this year, some Canisius students are working to create their own airplanes, design cars powered by mousetraps, and build their own musical instruments. Past events have even had competitors build their own robotic arms and levitating vehicles.

The Canisius Science Olympiad team was first founded in 2011, and seven years later it is still going strong. This year, Canisius is fielding two teams. They took part in their first scrimmage on December 8 at Buffalo State, and are now preparing for a regional competition on February 3, 2019. 

Most students join the team out of an interest in the sciences, be it something new, such as computer science, or some of the more traditional fields, like biology and chemistry. Either way, these students see the team as a fun and interesting way to gain experience with their respective fields of interest, experience they hope to use once they move on to their university. Students interested in getting involved with Science Olympiad are welcome to talk to science teacher Mrs. Schrader.