New Recycling Initiative
New Recycling Initiative
By Alec Hufford


Inspired by Pope Francis’ Laudato si (On Care for Our Common Home) the campus ministry department at Canisius High School has begun a new recycling initiative, collecting used bottles from around the school and bringing them to a recycling facility each day. The hopes for the project are to raise funds for campus ministry activities while empowering the student body to be more informed global citizens.

Fr. Michael Corcoran, S.J. '76, the Canisius campus minister, says, “Our hope is that our students become more aware of recycling and how important it is for the earth, for ‘our common home’ as Pope Francis would say.”

The school is promoting the program by including it in the morning announcements that are broadcast to each classroom. Judging by initial positive reaction and participation, the recycling initiative shows great promise for this school year.