National Merit Finalist
National Merit Finalist
By Ginger Geoffery


Congratulations to Jimmy Twist '19 on being named a National Merit Scholarship Finalist! The National Merit Scholarship Program is a prestigious academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955.



FAVORITE CLASS: My favorite part about math is you can solve problems logically.

VOLUNTEERING: Visiting the Ronald McDonald House when I was in eighth grade inspired me to start volunteering there my freshman year. I now help with their race over the summer, and I've met people affected by illnesses and injuries. It's difficult to see, but I might want to work in the medical field and so it's important to see. I'm doing a research internship at Roswell Park Cancer Institute this summer to get experience with the radiation oncology laboratory. As I've learned through the Ronald McDonald House, the medical field certainly involves science but there's also the humanity aspect too which interests me. It goes with what Canisius teaches about caring for the whole person.

RETREATS: On Kairos I remember writing down as a takeaway to appreciate everything people have done to help you get where you are now. I think about how it would be if I didn't have the opportunities my parents or grandparents have provided for me.

MODEL UN: I started with Model UN in my freshman year because I wanted to better understand problems and conflicts going on outside the United States. Model UN makes you think on your feet and consider solutions to world problems. I think it's important to consider conflicts beyond where you live. Looking at medical-related issues, there are areas of the world lacking in basic nutrition. There are many opportunities for scientific innovation that can improve people's lives.

ADVICE FOR FUTURE CRUSADERS: Work hard and always be a Crusader. A Crusader is always fighting for something. Whether it's on a sports team or in the classroom, always have a goal. Do something for a purpose.