National Honor Society Induction
National Honor Society Induction
By Ginger Geoffery


Forty-seven Canisius High School students were inducted into the Robert Bellarmine Chapter of the National Honor Society on Tuesday, May 29, 2018. The induction took place as part of the 2018 Junior Awards Assembly.

National Honor Society membership requires high academic achievement and members must also effectively demonstrate of all four of the qualities held in high esteem by the Society: Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character. As part of the induction ceremony Christopher Swagler '19, Alexander Popat '19, Matthew Koessler '19 and Lucas Perez '19 each lit a candle representing one of the four qualities.

Christopher Swagler '19 lights the candle for "Scholarship".

The 2018 inductees to the Robert Bellarmine Chapter of the National Honor Society are:

  • Christian Acosta
  • Jack Arnold
  • John Bialkowski
  • Benjamin Biniszkiewicz
  • Sebastian Bodkin
  • Aidan Bowerman
  • Tobias Cap
  • John Collins
  • Hudson Curtin
  • David Dobrasz
  • Aidan Doyle
  • Blaise Doyle
  • Jacob Eddy
  • Clinton Egeland
  • Thomas Feeney
  • Liam Fischer
  • Patrick Frieary
  • Joseph Gogan
  • Naseem Haj-Dahmane
  • Andrew Hartnett
  • Ian Kasper
  • Matthew Koessler
  • Charles Korn
  • Joshua Kracker
  • Benjamin Lewis
  • Joshua Lysarz
  • Cole Margerum
  • Michael McCombs
  • Nicholas Mecca
  • Samuel Miserendino
  • Maxim Murray
  • Lucas Perez
  • Richard Pezzino
  • Alexander Popat
  • Henry Popko
  • Francis Rados
  • Nathaniel Von Sass
  • John Scrocco
  • Mohamed Siddiqui
  • Gregory Simonian
  • Noah Spiesz
  • Christopher Swagler
  • James Twist
  • George Weckerle
  • Aidan Wood
  • Aidan Zamorski
  • John Zarlock

2018 National Honor Society inductees with faculty moderators Ms. Ann Marie Moscovic (left) and Ms. Erin Conley (right). Photo by Raymond Meng '19.


National Honor Society pledge:

I pledge to maintain high scholastic standing,

to hold as fundamental and worthy

an untarnished character,

to endeavor intelligently and courageously

to be a leader,

and to give of myself freely in service to others.

In so doing, I shall prove myself worthy

of a place in the National Honor Society.


I pledge myself,

always to seek the light of truth,

to hold scholarly habits,

to engage in worthy service,

and to lead forward in all things

that shall advance the welfare of Canisius High School.