Mr. Canisius 2019
Mr. Canisius 2019
By Ginger Geoffery


The Class of 2019 Senior Awards Ceremony culminated on Tuesday, May 21, with the announcement that Joel Nicholas is Mr. Canisius 2019. Watch the video below of Principal Ms. Andrea Tyrpak-Endres making the announcement.

The Mr. Canisius Award is presented annually to the graduating senior who, in the estimation of his peers, epitomizes all that Canisius stands for. Typically, he is a student who has used his heart, spirit, strength and mind to an exceptional degree in service to others and love for God. Mr. Canisius has the honor of speaking at graduation.

Joel is an excellent student and standout athlete and musician who has represented Canisius on the football field, on the track team, and in the jazz ensemble. 

In a reflection written before the award was announced, Joel stated:

"Upon walking through the blue doors, the first thing I noticed was the instant connection I had with the students and faculty. I was inspired by two things: seriousness and friendliness. Being at Canisius has shown me that I should take my academics very seriously. Canisius has opened my eyes to see what is actually important. It has helped me put my priorities in the right order, so that I may put myself in the best position possible to excel in everything that I do. Friendliness was another thing I noticed. Within my first few hours at Canisius, I had already received all the joy I needed for the year when I observed Ms. Riley spreading nothing but peace and love on the first-floor hallway. This instantly showed me that if she's that happy every single day at Canisius, then there is no reason why I shouldn't be. Happiness is contagious, so being surrounded by so many positive spirits is one thing I will miss when I graduate."

The Class of 2019 Senior Awards Ceremony also recognized several more graduating seniors, some of whom are scholarship recipients and others received awards for their accomplishments in academics, arts, athletics, and other co-curricular activities. Click here to see photos from the ceremony.