Mr. Canisius 2018
Mr. Canisius 2018
By Ginger Geoffery


At the Class of 2018 Senior Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 22, Canisius Principal Ms. Andrea Tyrpak-Endres announced this year's recipient of the Mr. Canisius Award. The award is presented annually to the graduating senior who, in the estimation of his peers, epitomizes all that Canisius stands for. Typically, he is a student who has used his heart, spirit, strength and mind to an exceptional degree in service to others and love for God. Mr. Canisius will have the honor of speaking at graduation.

Mr. Canisius 2018 is George Burnett. In a reflection written before the award was announced, George stated:

"I am honored to have been nominated for the Mr. Canisius Award. But most of all, I am grateful, because it gives me the opportunity to express how each of you has helped create the Canisius High School that I have known and loved these four years. The first time I walked through the blue doors, and was greeted by upperclassmen and teachers who clapped to welcome me into this loving community–that’s when I first met Mr. Canisius. Every time one of you said good morning, invited me to join a conversation at lunch, threw me the ball in gym, helped me understand some school work, or shared at Kairos, you were Mr. Canisius for me. We have seen Mr. Canisius in the face of our teachers when they go the extra mile to help us understand and love what we are learning. Mr. Canisius is found in our victories over St. Joe’s, but also at Mass, in our triumphs in athletics and academics, but also in the moments where we put things into perspective in prayer and service trips. When we celebrated each others’ achievements, we were Mr. Canisius. When we struggled together, we were Mr. Canisius. And when we grieved together, we were Mr. Canisius for one another. We are a community with a unique story, and that story is that we are called to be men for and with others. We have had a profound effect on one another, and each one of us holds a piece of every member of this community in his heart. 
So, brothers, you see there is not only one Mr. Canisius. Now, each of us is called to go forth and be Mr. Canisius in college, the workplace, our families, and our communities. Like the original Mr. Canisius, Peter, we realize that we are not called to be perfect, but to make God the center of our life’s work. A.M.D.G., working for the greater Glory of God, is about pushing forward and persevering, with love of God and our neighbor at the center of our lives. A.M.D.G."

Watch the video of the Mr. Canisius Award announcement.


Jack Collins, Dan Harig, Andrew Mangan, John Minogue and Matthew Sullivan were runners up for the award.