Masterminds Club
Masterminds Club
By Ethan Moeller '14


Have you ever wondered what movement the poets Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg were a part of? Do you know what astronomical event was viewed by Chinese astronomers in 1054 AD? Canisius has a club for young men who are curious about the answers to these questions and more. It's called the Masterminds clubs.

Masterminds is a "Jeopardy"-style quiz game where teams of 3-4 high school students compete in monthly competitions to answer wacky, random, and specific trivia questions. Among the topics are history, science, English and literature. The Canisius club takes from six to ten students to each event, allowing the school to field two to three teams. 

English teacher Mr. Christopher Appleton is the moderator of the Canisius Masterminds' team, as well as the Chess club. He finds that Masterminds attracts many types of kids from across the Canisius community because it requires a very low time commitment to participate. Practices for the team tend to happen earlier in the year to help students to grow accustomed to the question formats. 

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