Lenten Mission Drive
Lenten Mission Drive
By Ginger Geoffery

Canisius High School kicked off its 2018 Lenten Mission Drive at a full school assembly. This year's effort is raising money for two Jesuit schools on islands in Micronesia. Alumnae from each of the Jesuit schools spoke at the assembly. They are now students at Canisius College.

Annalyn Tareg graduated from Yap Catholic High School in 2016. She told Canisius students about what life was like at Yap, and about the non-covered basketball courts at the school. Money raised during the mission drive will help provide a cover over the courts so they can be used during all weather conditions.

Krystal Saimon graduated from Xavier High School in Chuuk in 2015. She explained that while Xavier is a boarding school for boys, it is not a boarding school for girls. Some of the girls travel to and from school daily in the back of an open truck, and during storms they arrive at school soaked. The Canisius mission drive will raise money to help purchase a bus so the girls will be protected from the elements during their commute.

Fr. Michael Corcoran, S.J. '76 was one of the founders of Yap Catholic High School in 2011. He is now serving as campus minister at Canisius High School.

Krystal and Annalyn point to their home islands on the map.