Jesuit School Evaluation
Jesuit School Evaluation
By Alec Hufford


During the 2018-2019 school year, Canisius High School has been undergoing a Spirit-led, community-driven venture to explore the values and practices of Jesuit education and determine how Canisius can even better meet the changing times with the vision of the Society of Jesus.

From April 1 to April 4, this sponsorship review process reached its concluding evaluative element with Canisius hosting a visiting team of seven colleagues from other Jesuit high schools. 

According to Paul Cumbo ’97, the director of Ignatian formation at Canisius and one of the coordinators of the sponsorship review process, the visiting team perceived the Canisius community as transparent and honest. The team also reported that Canisius students articulated well the reasons why they love attending Canisius and gained a sense that the community is genuine and open about the many affirmations and challenges of the school.

Several visiting team members said they felt at home in another Jesuit school, and many Canisius faculty and staff members also enjoyed the opportunity to speak to colleagues from other Jesuit schools. 

“Speaking with colleagues from other institutions is a reminder and an affirmation that we’re part of something much bigger than just this one high school,” explains Cumbo. “We are not an island; we are part of a large enterprise. The good things we are achieving are recognized and shared more broadly.”

The process was a success and leaves the Canisius community with much to be grateful for and a deeper commitment to the very mission of the school. 

“The sponsorship review process is a testament to the school’s commitment to growth,” concludes Cumbo. “We’re nearly 150 years in and we remain committed to this periodic reflective and evaluative process to keep us sensitive to the signs of the times.” Grateful for how smoothly the week went, he asks, “How often do we all get involved in something that asks us to take a look at the big picture, the aim, of everything we’re doing day-to-day?”