Gift of Life
Gift of Life
By Jimmy Twist '19


For many years Canisius High School has had a successful relationship with Upstate New York Transplant Services (UNYTS), and while this year is certainly no different, the collaboration between the Canisius medical professions club and the UNYTS club has breathed new, energetic life into the partnership. In fact, Canisius was one of the first high schools to form such a connection with UNYTS.

This November, the medical club attended the UNYTS summit at Daemon College where students were exposed to startling statistics regarding the need for organ donors (as well as blood donors), and how to properly discuss such a sensitive issue. At the moment, nearly 115,000 people are waiting to receive life-saving organs, with 10% of these people in New York State alone. For perspective, this entire group of individuals would fill New Era Field two times! Additionally, one out of every seven patients admitted to a hospital will require a blood transfusion.

While the mission of the Canisius medical professions club includes spreading accurate information regarding organ donation and encouraging registration, we also hold three blood drives throughout the course of the school year.  Our first one is already in the books, and it was a wonderful success! We had a record 75 students sign up to give blood, and of these 64 were eligible to donate. Thank you to all of you for spending just one hour of your time to give blood that can be used to touch three different lives. We are also extremely grateful to Canisius Principal Ms. Andrea Tyrpak-Endres for her unwavering support and for originally initiating the UNYTS/Canisius partnership.

We will be hosting two more blood drives in February and April, so if you were not able to donate this time, please consider registering.  Additionally, in late March, just before the final blood drive, the medical club will be running an organ donation awareness week.

Thank you for all your support, and most of all, thank you for giving the give of life!

Pictured at top: Jimmy Twist '19 (left) and Stefano Galante '19 at the blood drive kick-off assembly.