Exceptional Classes
Exceptional Classes
By Nick Mecca '19


Canisius High School is a special place that forms boys into "Men for Others" who want to go out into our world and change it for good. Canisius not only teaches us the academic skills we need for college, but also prepares us for life beyond the classroom. The most integral element of this is the teachers.

At Canisius, our teachers are dedicated to seeing positive growth and success in each of their students. They put in extra effort for the good of their students. One of these standout teachers is Mr. Dennis Beecher '88. Mr. Beecher teaches AP European History to sophomores and AP US Government and Economics to seniors, and I have been fortunate enough to have him as my teacher my sophomore year and again this year.

Mr. Beecher creates an environment where his students want to be engaged in class. He helps us see how the work we do in class relates to the world around us.

“Connecting what we learn in class to current news and real world situations makes it easier for us to understand the material and it keeps the students engaged,” explains Blaise Doyle '19, one of my classmates.

In an assignment called a "RAO," Mr. Beecher has us Read, Analyze, and form an Opinion on an article that has to do with current affairs. This requires us to learn more about issues that are currently affecting our society and form our own educated opinions on them.

We're also learning from Mr. Beecher the importance of managing the financial aspect of our lives. He stresses the importance of financial responsibility.

“Mr. Beecher sets up each class to be informative, fun, and most importantly, useful," says Gianni Siddiqui ‘19, another of my classmates. "He has taught us the importance of both frugality and investment."

In one particular assignment that stands out for me, Mr. Beecher had us do research on the banks in the area of the colleges we either plan on attending or are considering. We needed to look at the different plans for savings accounts and checking accounts, and decide which bank would provide us with the most benefits during college. This assignment was a way to prepare us for our financial responsibilities as we go off to college next year.

Mr. Beecher’s class has been one of the most influential classes I have taken during my time at Canisius. I have not only been prepared to examine current events and form educated views on them, but I have a good foundation for being financially responsible as well. I can confidently say Mr. Beecher’s class has prepared me for moving on to college and laid the groundwork for my future growth.


Editor's note: The author, Nick Mecca '19, is third from the left in the picture above. He's pictured with some of his AP US Government classmates in Mr. Beecher's classroom.