Excellent Chinese Learner Award
Excellent Chinese Learner Award
Alec Hufford


To the great joy of the Canisius language department, one of our students — Jeffrey Mueller '20 — received an Excellent Chinese Learner Award from the Confucius Institute of the University at Buffalo. The 2019 award winners were chosen because of their dedication to Chinese language study, their excellence in Chinese proficiency, and their enthusiasm for Chinese culture. 

"Studying Chinese has allowed me to experience and understand cultures that I would not have been introduced to otherwise," says Jeffrey. 

In addition to classes in Latin, Spanish, and French, the Canisius foreign language department offers four levels of Chinese study, from courses for complete beginners to classes for those who are almost fluent. 

"Learning Chinese helps students by opening a path for global jobs, broadening their views on world events, and exercising their visions for life," explains Ms. Yuyu Bogdan who teaches Chinese language as well as math at Canisius. 

Watch the awards ceremony at the University at Buffalo below.