eSports at Canisius
eSports at Canisius
By Ethan Moeller '15


Canisius' new eSports team hosted its first ever Super Smash Brothers event on Friday, May 3. eSports is a growing activity at educational institutions with many universities now offering scholarships for students who do well in the competitions. Canisius High School is thrilled to offer its students opportunities through this new club.

Canisius' Super Smash Brothers event featured two tournaments, one for singles and one for teams of two, with both competing for cash prizes.

Student coordinator Cory Margarucci '20 says they decided to divide the tournament into two main stages. First, was a group stage of three games. The winners of this stage then moved into stage two which is a double elimination, best 3 of 5 set. 

"The tournament is a great way for Canisius students to get together and just have a fun time after school," explains Cory.

Faculty advisor Mr. Eric Amodeo '94 harkened back to the age of former teacher Mr. Dennis Linda and his all-night, school hosted game-a-thons. Amodeo says eSports is a natural evolution of the game-a-thons at a modern-day Canisius.