Blood Drive, Feb. 2019
Blood Drive, Feb. 2019
By Alec Hufford

Canisius students had an opportunity to "donate life" on Friday, February 8, at school during the second blood drive of the school year. Student organizers spent weeks promoting the importance of blood donation to their fellow students and faculty and staff. 

“I’ve wanted to do it (donate) for a while," said Dante Santora ’20. "Now that I’m old enough I decided to donate so I can save lives.” 

“I gave blood because I don’t need it!” joked Brendan Leong ’19 before adding seriously, “It’s just a small simple thing you could do to help save a life.” 

Jimmy Twist ’19 and Stefano Galante ’19, leaders of the Canisius Donate Life Club, expressed such gratitude to the community for supporting their efforts. 

Photo: Will Ezquerro '19 donating blood.