Ignatian Service Program


Ignatian Service Program 2021-2022 

"Love ought to manifest itself in deeds rather than in words." Saint Ignatius Loyola

The Ignatian Service Program at Canisius High School offers students an opportunity to respond to the call of St. Ignatius by completing at least ninety hours of service over the course of four years.

Each student is invited to grow in self-knowledge through a personal experience of service with those on the margins of society -- including the poor, homeless, disabled, elderly, and chronically ill.  The Program's requirements are as follows:


FRESHMEN             Ten hours of service.                        Deadline is 5/1/22
(class of 2025)         (Six hours will be completed with religious studies class during the fall.)

SOPHOMORES        Twenty hours of service.                  Deadline is 5/1/22; 10 hours by 1/7/22
(class of 2024)         

JUNIORS              Thirty hours of service.                     Deadline is 5/1/22; 15 hours by 1/7/22
(class of 2023)        (Completion of the Companions Program satisfies the 30 hour requirement.)

SENIORS                Thirty hours of service.                     Deadline is 4/4/22; 15 hours by 10/18/22  (class of 2022)         

Please note well that a missed deadline will result in ineligibility for sports and activities.

Service should be completed at an approved agency. (A list of possible agencies can be found at https://www.canisiushigh.org/ministry/ignatian-service-and-reflection/service-sites). For many students, summer is the best time to complete their service hours.

Students may also complete a portion of their service hours by volunteering at CHS school events such as Open House, Basketball Tournament, Food Drive, Gambit, school plays, sports camps and the 7th Grade Practice Entrance Exam.  

Each student must upload the mobileserve app to his phone or iPad and set up an account in order to log his hours before the deadlines.  The class code is located in Schoology or can be obtained by emailing Mr. Ronald Ahrens, '91 ahrens@canisiushigh.org