Adult Programs

Alumni Volunteer Corps

The AVC is an 10-month professional placement on the faculty of CHS. However, it does not require an education degree, or even that you plan a career in teaching. AV's undertake many duties like tutoring, coaching, retreats, mentoring, service, classroom teaching, and substituting. Depending on their backgrounds, some work in finance, athletics, and development. They live together in a well-furnished, school-provided house just a mile from campus, receive a monthly stipend and other benefits. The program offers alumni a unique opportunity to give back to the CHS community and deepen the call to be, “Men For And With Others”. For more information, contact William Wolf.

Spiritual Development

The following opportunities are offered to the adult faculty and staff of CHS to assist in their continued personal/spiritual development:
One-on-one spiritual direction, Ignatian discernment groups, Ignatian retreats, out-of-house seminars, and others as adapted to the personal needs of the adult community.