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The NYS School Health Examination Form (Physical) form is required each school year. When a student enters Canisius either as a freshman or transfer student, a Physical form, along with a copy of their immunization records, are required to participate in physical education and or to try out for one of our sport’s team. Physicals are valid for twelve months until the last day of the month in which it was given. The Health Appraisal Form can be found by clicking the button below.


Physicals can be mailed to school, Attention: School Nurse, emailed to or faxed to 716-883-1870.

Forms for Sports:

We have rolled out an online registration for the each Sports Season. Registration will open approximately 30 days prior to the season start date.

Please register at: FormReleaf

Impact Testing (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing):

All Students participating in sports will be required to have a baseline computer generated neuro-cognitive test that is helpful for physicians treating athletes who have sustained a possible concussion. The test is given prior to the start of the sport season and is good for up to 2 years. If a head injury occurs, the athlete is re-tested, and this result, along with other pertinent information, will assist the physician in making return-to-play decisions. Coaches will notify athletes of testing dates prior to the start of the sports season.

**NOTE: No student will be able to try out for their sport until they have completed this test.

Please do not give any forms to coaches. Forms should be mailed to school, Attention: Health Office or can be brought to the Receptionist or Health Office.

Doctor’s Notes: If a student sees a doctor for any condition during the sports season they need a note from the doctor about “Return-to-Play.”

Medication Policy:

  • If a student is taking a prescribed medication during the school day we need to have a script on file in the Health Office along with the medication in a marked bottle.
  • If your son is going to self-carry a medication we need a note from the doctor stating he can self-carry.
  • Students who are currently taking medication for ADD or ADHD should not be carrying this medication in their backpack. Prescription pill abuse continues to rise in all levels of our population.
  • Inhalers can either be kept in the Health Office or be self-carried with proper documentation.
  • Finally, students with health conditions requiring an Epi-Pen should provide an Epi-Pen to the Health Office during the first week of school. If the student is going to self-carry, we need a doctor’s note or notation on a Food /Allergy Action Plan provided by their doctor.
  • Gym Excuses:

All gym excuses written by a parent or doctor are to be brought to the Health Office. A parent can write an out-of-gym note two times for the same health issue. The Physical Education Department may require students to make up the missed gym class(es). After two missed gym classes with a parent note, a doctor’s excuse is required.

Elevator Use:

Students who need to use the school elevator must get fob from the school nurse.

Student Assistance Program:

As part of our commitment to the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being of our students we have established an internal program called the Student Assistance Program. It is designed to identify and address student issues that may interfere with the learning process or might cause harm to the student or others.

Anyone in the school, including parents, can ask that their child’s teachers be sent a confidential form. This form reviews areas regarding academics/health/emotional and social attitudes and behavior. This gives teachers and other staff, who have direct contact with your child, the ability to comment as to what they are seeing in the school environment. A group consisting of the school nurse, guidance counselor and a campus minister reviews this information and makes a determination as to what action may be needed to assist the student.

Helpful Websites:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- Concussions

Immunization Requirements

School Nurse Contact Information:

Denise Keating, R.N.
Phone: 200-0237
Email address: