Fall Sports

To: Canisius Student-Athletes

The Fall sports season for soccer, golf and cross country will begin on Sept. 21.

Golf Tryouts     Sept. 21 at Brighton Golf Range at 3:45pm 

                        Sept. 22 at Glen Oak Golf Course at 4pm (9-hole tryout)

Soccer             Sept. 21

                        Varsity tryouts – 3:15 – 5pm at Stransky

                        JV and Freshmen tryouts – 3:15 – 5pm at Tripi Field

Cross Country   Sept. 21

                        All interested should meet on the mezzanine of Kennedy FH at 3:15


  • All students are required to keep masks on at all times on school grounds.
  • Soccer students will change for Tripi practice in the general locker area. 
  • XC students will use the Home and Away Locker rooms in KFH.
  • All students must bring their belongings with them after changing. 
  • All students must bring their own water bottles and towels. Nothing can be shared.
  • All students are asked to leave school grounds once practice is over.
  • Make good decisions…wash hands, socially distance from others, no high fives/touching, wash practice clothes.
  • Students are asked to be diligent in getting dressed for practice. We will only allow small groups in an area at a time to change. 


Important Health Information

**Need to be completed before 9/21

If you haven’t done so yet, please register your medical information on www.formreleaf.com. You must register on Formreleaf each season you intend to participate in athletics.

In addition, we would like to have our student-athletes take the ImPact test at home prior to Sept. 21.

Test linkwww.impacttestonline.com/testing  

Customer Code: 42GVV6B3BD

If you are a Junior or haven’t had an ImPact test here at Canisius High School within the last 2 years, please take the time to take the ImPact Test at home on a Laptop or Desktop computer. This test cannot be taken on a cell phone or tablet. If you do not have access to Laptop or Desktop Computer please notify your Coach or Mrs. Keating. Simply go the site listed above and type in our school customer code.

An ImPACT test takes approximately 30 minutes and is designed to evaluate and document multiple aspects of an athlete's neurocognitive state, which includes brain processing speed, memory, and visual motor skills. This can be used to determine when it is safe to return to play after a concussion or head injury.

Please make sure of the following before starting your test:

  • test environment must be quiet and distraction free, no phones or other devices.
  • sit comfortably at a table or desk with a flat, hard surface.
  • all other programs or browsers should be closed.
  • an external mouse or trackpad must be used during the exam.
  • you must complete the test in a single attempt within 40 minutes.
  • when finished send a confirmation email to keating@canisiushigh.org




Canisius offers six highly competitive athletic programs in the fall season with opportunities in football, soccer, volleyball, golf, cross country and crew. If you have questions, please contact the coaches listed on the team pages.

In order to tryout for teams, you must have an up-to-date physical on file, and register on Form ReLeaf.

Information for Freshman Student-Athletes

“Musts” before you can take the field:

1. You must have an up-to-date physical on file with the school.

2. Student-athletes must be registered with Form Releaf. It is a secure platform with an easy, user-friendly way to register for our programs and helps us be more administratively efficient. This system eliminates the paperwork our student-athletes were previously required to turn in.

BEGIN YOUR ONLINE REGISTRATION using this link to Form ReLeaf:

3. Contact the school nurse, Mrs. Keating at keating@canisiushigh.org if you have any questions.

Fall Teams