Life as a Student-Athlete

By Hamilton McGrath '23

Emmett Joyce ’20 is one of the captains of the Canisius Varsity Squash team.


Emmett Joyce ’20 is one of the captains of the Canisius Varsity Squash team. He, along with some of his teammates, recently competed in the high school squash nationals held in Hartford, Connecticut. The team did exceptionally well and reached the semi-finals. Canisius also won the Monsignor Martin title and finished with a 15-2 overall win/loss record. 

Emmett held duties such as being a leader, meaning he would keep the team on task during practices and keep the team’s intensity up during matches. According to Emmett, Nichols was Canisius’s toughest competitor and biggest rival within the Monsignor Martin League. After suffering a heart-breaking loss to Nichols last season, Canisius was unable to bring back a Monsignor Martin title. This past season was different however, as Emmett led his team to an undefeated record within the Monsignor Martin league and captured the league title. 

Emmett started squash as a sophomore, after he played soccer previously. Emmett has learned much about the racquet sport in his years since. Although he will not play for a collegiate program, he hopes to continue playing when attending college. Through the years of playing squash Emmett learned physical fitness plays a major role in competition. He believes fitness is the most important aspect of the team’s training; it gives them the intensity they need to compete successfully on match day. The training schedule is tough in itself. Five days per week the team is training during the winter, for two hours per session, then there are also the many matches the team will play during the season. 

All of the hard work has translated into results however. Emmett’s favorite part of being on the team is the atmosphere. The team is very close, everyone gets along very well, and everybody has fun and enjoys the experience. 

Emmett recalls his favorite moment from the season and says, “I was down two-zero in my first round match of nationals, and came back to win.” Emmett recalls this moment being very special for him as he advanced through the tournament. Emmett says his biggest accomplishment this past season was continuing the winning streak of beating other Monsignor Martin schools by defeating Nichols 5-4. This victory established a perfect record versus Monsignor Martin opponents. Emmett is planning on studying computer sciences and finance in college.

Emmett Joyce is in the center of the team photo above, wearing a dark t-shirt and long pants.