Meet the AVs

The Alumni Volunteer Corps (AVC) began at Canisius High School in 2011. 


Below are reflections from three former Alumni Volunteers: William Wolf ’09, Alexander Vilardo ’10, and Paul Steinig ’10. You are encouraged to reach out to any of the former or current AVs to learn more about the Alumni Volunteer Corps experience.

William Wolf '09
Xavier University '13 |AVC 2013-14

“As an Alumnus Volunteer, I was joined by three of my fellow Canisius classmates as we embarked through a year of personal and professional growth. We lived in community at a residence provided by Canisius, located in proximity to the school. Throughout the year, I assisted Mr. Coppola in teaching his U.S. Government course to seniors. While not in the classroom, I spent my time in the Student Activities Office helping plan events such as the Walk-a-thon. The year as an AV is one filled with constant involvement: attending athletic events, taking in the school musical, leading a Kairos or Emmaus, reconnecting with classmates at JUG Night, going on a Companions trip, and much more. Perhaps the greatest benefit to the Alumni Volunteer Corps is the tremendous support network at your side as you serve, reflect, and grow through a year of discernment at a critical moment in your life.”

Will currently teaches freshmen and senior history classes at Canisius. He can be contacted at

Paul Steinig '10
Williams College '14 | AVC 2014-15

“As a member of the Alumni Volunteer Corps, I had opportunities apart from teaching that were more in line with my plans to attend law school. Working in the Campus Ministry Department provided me with a range of opportunities from assisting in the many retreats (Freshman Retreat, Emmaus, Kairos) to helping coordinate and run service trips. I had the opportunity to help students understand the value of service and the roles that we play in society as men for others. This application of service to others is what I hope to achieve as a practicing lawyer, and having the opportunity to experience this, what I so thoroughly enjoyed as a student, has been both rewarding and satisfying. As an assistant coach for the New York State Champion Varsity Federation Hockey team, I was able to learn how to channel my love of the sport and my desire to win in a way that I had never experienced in the past. Learning how to teach and manage the game taught me skills that will help me throughout my life and were the result of experiencing the sport of hockey and Canisius High School in a completely different light.”

Alexander Vilardo '10
Canisius College '14 | AVC 2014-2015

“I am incredibly grateful to Canisius for selecting me as an Alumnus Volunteer. I went into the program knowing that I wanted to go to law school after my year at CHS. As an AV, I had experiences that will help me in law school and beyond. I worked in Student Activities and coordinated with both students and adults in order to ensure that the walkathon, senior awards assembly, and graduation were successful. I coached JV hockey and learned how to interact professionally with parents. Because of my time as an AV, I know I am well suited to work with individuals of a multitude of backgrounds. I had a great time working with students and my former teachers at a place I love, and I gained great experience for my future.”

William, Alexander, and Paul are only three of the alumni who have participated in the Alumni Volunteer Corps. Below is a list of all former Crusaders who returned for a year of service in the AVC.

Adam Haines '07
Evan Richards '07
John Rost '07
Bryce Hopkins '08
Chris Narduzzo '08
Brian Speers '08
Cameron Garrity '09
Jordan Hamm '09
Sean Whalen '09
William Wolf '09
John Schuta '10
Paul Steinig '10
Anthony “Ace” Vetrano '10
Alexander Vilardo '10
Kevin Whalen '10
Alexander Barilec '11
Joe Gagliano '11
Patrick Neureuter '12
Anthony Tomasello '12
Patrick Munschauer '12
Kyle Cramer ‘13
Jacob Filby ‘14
Ethan Moeller ‘14
Walter Zurowski '15


Former Alumni Volunteer Will Wolf '09 now oversees the program. For more information, contact Mr. Wolf by email at Ideal candidates are Canisius High School alumni who graduated from college within the last two years.