Visit Canisius

Eighth-grade boys and transfer students can spend a school day at Canisius.

Visiting as a Crusader For The Day is a great way for students to get a sense of what life at Canisius is really like.

(Note: Scheduling of Crusader For The Day visits will resume in the new school year if NYS pandemic guidelines allow for this type of school-day visit.)

When school is not in session, we invite you for an individual tour of our campus; please click here.

What does a Crusader For The Day do?

A Crusader For The Day accompanies a freshman or sophomore through his daily schedule. This includes going to advisement, classes, lunch, meeting teachers, hanging out with other Canisius students, and getting a first-hand look at what makes the school special.

How are Crusaders For The Day matched up?

Crusaders For The Day can spend the day with a friend or family member who currently attends Canisius. If no such connections exist, we'll match each visitor with someone who has similar interests. And, even though a Crusader For The Day may not know anyone when he arrives, he certainly will know many students and teachers by the time he leaves!

When can Crusader For The Day visits be scheduled?

Crusader For The Day visits are most often scheduled in the fall, but may be arranged at any time during the school year. Please contact the office of admission at 716.882.0466 for more information.

Not 100% sure if Canisius is an option?

No worries. All families are encouraged to schedule visit days for their sons, regardless of where they are in the high-school selection process. These days can be quite impactful. They often provide those who may be “on the fence” with the experience necessary to make an informed decision.

Academic scholarships and tuition assistance are available.

What if I am interested in transferring to Canisius?

Excellent. Transfer students are welcome and encouraged to become Crusader For The Day visitors. Contact the office of admission at 716.882.0466.

What if I'd like to visit outside of a regular school day?

Great. Please click the button below to schedule your visit or call the office of admission at 716.882.0466.


Virtual Tour

Get a 360 degree view of some of our facilities, or take a guided video tour. Click the button below.