Road to Enrollment

Our goal is to make it easy for you to stay on track.
Here are three steps to take...

1. Crusader for the Day
Be our guest.

For 8th grade boys and transfer students...
Visit on a school day.

2. Entrance Exam Tutorial Course
Get ready.

Prepare for success with this course on three Saturdays leading up to the entrance exam. 

3. Entrance Exam
You've got this. 

Take the exam at Canisius.
Sign up for the exam by completing an application and selecting Canisius as your first choice.

Candidates can take the exam at Canisius on Wednesdays at noon. Please contact the office of admission at 716.200.0236 to reserve your space or to schedule your exam at a different time/date.

***Transfer students do NOT take the Entrance Exam. Click here for transfer application***

This is an exciting time for young men preparing for high school and these steps are designed to help. Please call the admission office at 716.200.0205 with questions. 

Families are also welcome to schedule a private campus tour. Click here.