Entrance Exam


Candidates for admission to ninth grade at Canisius must take the Entrance and Scholarship Exam.

The Diocese of Buffalo standard Catholic high school application serves as your registration for the exam.

Click here for applicatioN

Candidates can take the exam at Canisius on Wednesdays at noon. Please contact the office of admission at 716.200.0236 to reserve your space or to schedule your exam at a different time/date. We also offer a remote version of the exam.

There is a $20 testing fee for students who did not participate in the school’s HAP camp or the Entrance Exam Tutorial Course.

Students applying to transfer to Canisius are NOT required to take the Entrance Exam. Click here for the transfer student application.


Spend a school day at Canisius as a Crusader For The Day. This is a great way to get a sense of what life at Canisius is really like. A Crusader For The Day accompanies a current student through his daily schedule and gets to interact with other students and teachers.

You may also contact the office of admission to arrange an individual tour.

See the campus through the video below created by Raymond Meng '19.