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Students were asked why they chose Canisius and how their experience has been.
Here's what they had to say:

Miles Abbate-Kirby ’24

Buffalo (Olmsted and City Honors)

“(Choosing Canisius) has been the best decision of my life. I’ve made brothers for life and gotten closer to God.

“Canisius has helped my transformation from a boy to a man. It has taught me responsibility and discipline, and it’s also taught me it’s OK to be vulnerable.”



Learn more at Open House at Canisius on Sunday, Oct. 15 or Monday, Oct. 16.


Robert Dickey ’25

Lancaster (Lancaster Middle School)

“After a couple of friends convinced me and my mom to do HAP (the annual summer Higher Achievement Program), I fell in love with Canisius and never could get enough of the experience I had during the summer. My experience has been fantastic. It has exceeded all of my and my family’s expectations in the classroom and in the hallways.

“The House System is a great way to help the freshman get guidance and get a sense of what is to be expected at Canisius. I get to help the freshman with some of the homework that they have questions on and I helped them understand things that they were having trouble with.

“Canisius helped me realize my true potential as a person and student and improved my ways of thinking.”


Makai Gadley ’24

Buffalo/Cheektowaga (Tapestry Charter)

“(I chose CHS) mostly because my brother was an alum and my parents and I thought it would be the right fit for me. Coming to Canisius has been an eye-opening experience that has helped me learn and grow throughout my high school years.

“This is a brotherhood and we will accept you for what you are.

“I went on Kairos during my junior year – the experience you will have is like no other and I highly recommend it.

“Canisius has woven me into a very responsible and respectful young man.”


Charles Graber ’24

Orchard Park (Nativity of Our Lord School)

“Growing up, family members always spoke very highly of the school and their memories here. I knew I wanted to share in that bond with them. Canisius offers every opportunity to grow not only as a student, athlete, or artist, but as a person. My classmates and I truly learn what it means to live and serve as a Man for Others.

“I have made great friends in my Mentor Group and have been able to act as a mentor to underclassmen.

“Take advantage of all that CHS has to offer. These four years go by fast, and there is nowhere else quite like Canisius.

“Canisius has helped me develop into a leader. I know I am setting an example for my classmates. I remember looking up to the upperclassman and seeing the example they set when I first started at Canisius, and I think I have been able to be that person for others.”


Dyrell Howard-Dolson ’24

Niagara Falls (Gaskill Middle School)

“Canisius was a much better opportunity for me to have a successful high school career. Canisius is very welcoming and open-armed to anyone in need, which has made my stay at Canisius very comfortable, special and in a very friendly environment.

“Our football team is more than just a team, it’s a family. Even with different coaches throughout the years, the players have stayed together – no matter what.

“The CHS House System is a good thing for motivation as the houses compete for points. My favorite part is the House Games because it brings out the competitive nature that is naturally instilled in boys.

“Before Canisius, I was very introverted – but throughout my time here I have been breaking out of that introverted shell.”


Giacomo Pili ’25

Buffalo (Park Tudor School, Indianapolis)

“My dad wanted me to experience a Jesuit education. When he was younger, he attended a Jesuit School. His experience was life-changing. I believed that I would also be on a life-changing journey if I joined Canisius. It’s been an eye-opening experience to be a part of this brotherly community.

“Retreats are one of the many things that makes Canisius special. When I went to Emmaus, I was nervous. But when it ended, I was sad to leave with all the memories I had made. Retreats bring you out of your comfort zone and I highly recommend them.

“Canisius has helped me with my time management and learn to become responsible for my mistakes.

“Your time at Canisius will be life-changing.”


Jack Riley ’25

Youngstown (Stella Niagara Education Park Middle School)

“I chose Canisius because I wanted to surround myself and make friends with the smartest students in Buffalo. Canisius was the place to be.

“At Canisius, I have become friends with so many different people that it helps put the world in perspective.

“Doing service for Canisius is an amazing opportunity to help others and be grateful for what we have. Service is about sharing the excess that we have and that includes our time.

“The CHS House System is just another subdivision in the brotherhood of Canisius. It’s like a family that works together.”


David Romanovich ’25

Williamsville (St. Gregory the Great School)

“I chose to attend Canisius because I loved the positive and academic environment and community. There is a real brotherhood here where everyone is willing to help out and it has given me a great high school experience. My Canisius experience has been incredible and I have loved every minute of it.

“The retreats at Canisius are an amazing experience. They are a great way to get to know your classmates in a way that you may have never gotten a chance to.

“Canisius has made me much more sociable. Brotherhood is an extremely powerful force. I never knew how strong a brotherhood could be until I got here and fully experienced it.”


Zekiah Thomann ’25

Clarence (Clarence Middle School)

“I attended Canisius because it’s a tradition in my family. My dad, grandpa, brother and some of my uncles went to CHS. Also, it looked very appealing to me because the facilities are great. My experience has been great, I’ve met tons of new people that I would never have met otherwise.

“(Going on a retreat) surprised me. It was a really great experience – the perfect balance of fun and serious discussion makes it great.

“Canisius has helped me strive to be better because of the great people around me. Canisius is a wonderful place and my experience here has been great so far – I’ve done things I thought I would have never done, such as retreats and service.”


DaQuam Williams ’25

Buffalo (St. Joseph University School)

“I chose to attend Canisius because I wanted to learn more about serving others in the community. I’ve had a great experience thus far – the teachers are willing to help with anything you need.

“The CHS House System is a great way to promote friendly competition and work together, and it’s a great way to get to know other students, including from different grades.

“Canisius helped me grow through the advice of others. The teachers are always here to help whenever you need it.”


Visit Open House at Canisius on Sunday, Oct. 15 or Monday, Oct. 16.


Aaron Jones ’24

Amherst (Sweet Home)

"I chose to attend Canisius because ever since I saw and felt the brotherhood that this school provided me from the HAP program, I knew this was the right place for me.

"I would describe my experience as life-changing. Canisius has taught me how to balance hard work and fun at the same time. Canisius has changed me in ways that I cannot put into words. It has made me more of a hard worker in all aspects of life and has made me a better man."


Thomas Stofer ’23

Lancaster (Lancaster Middle School)

"I am always learning – whether it is in the classroom, with my classmates or during extracurricular activities. Canisius has helped me grow through participation in service and sports.

"Canisius has done a great job preparing me for college and the rest of my life by challenging me to become the best I can be and by helping me learn from and overcome other challenges I might face."


David Cloyd ’25

West Seneca (Orchard Park Middle School)

"The best decision in my life has been to attend Canisius. Canisius has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and take risks that I know I wouldn’t have taken before. Canisius has put me on the track of being a “Man for Others” and continuously prepares me for the adventures of life that lie ahead.

"Canisius has changed my entire outlook on school. I enjoy every day and leave with a smile on my face knowing that I belong at Canisius."


Harrison Scanlon ’24

Orchard Park (Orchard Park Middle School)

"I think that meeting new people and having new experiences at Canisius has allowed me to become more responsible and possibly even more relaxed as a person.

"I feel that Canisius has effectively prepared me for any academic challenges I may face in college or in the future. The faculty and other students have been extremely supportive and accepting of everyone I’ve come in contact with.

"The House System gives homeroom a different meaning and it also instills a competitiveness that often allows us to know each other better."


Connor Low ’25

Hamburg (Frontier Middle School)

"Canisius has helped me to think more openly as well as form better habits – especially with studying.

"Canisius has been great – I’ve had a lot of fun with the sports and clubs and made new friends. I would recommend that students join as many clubs as you can and get involved with the Canisius community."


Griffin Regan ’23

Elma (Queen of Heaven School)

"I truly feel Canisius has helped me mature. I’ve grown to be more accountable, more understanding, and wiser from when I started here as a freshman. There will always be people to help you persevere and you’ll come out a better, stronger person.

"I believe the retreats are the biggest advantage Canisius has over other schools. There truly aren’t any words that can describe the feelings you get during and after the retreats. It’s an experience I believe anyone and everyone needs to have."


Zachary Harris-Stephenson ’24

Buffalo (Tapestry Charter School)

"My Canisius experience has been very eventful – it has helped me become more aware and mature, a “Man for Others.” Canisius has helped me become more involved in helping my community through service opportunities and helped me mature and become more responsible.

"Enjoy your time at Canisius because it flies by, and take advantage of all of the opportunities and experiences that it provides."


Benjamin Morse ’23

Buffalo (St. Mark’s School)

"I chose to attend Canisius because of the path I had seen older friends, family members and students take; what the school provided for them; and the community the school built around itself.

"Canisius has been a tremendous learning and growing experience for me. Canisius has provided me with great opportunities while being surrounded with great people to help me along the way and has provided a community that will be a part of me for the rest of my life.

"Canisius has helped me grow to appreciate the people around me. Canisius provides you with many different people that are able to help you with many aspects in and out of school life. Many have experienced similar situations and are able to provide you with insight that helps you."


Dylan McCarthy ’25

Lancaster (Lancaster Middle School)

"My experience at Canisius has been excellent. There are so many extracurriculars that help form connections with others, and all of the teachers and students are very kind and caring.

"My mentor, Mrs. (Anne) Lipp-Read, has been very helpful. She is very supportive, wants you to do well, and has been very approachable to speak with since the first day of school.

"The House System makes people want to do well in school and helps you make friends outside of your grade."


Isaiah Aljuwani ’25

Buffalo (P.S. 156 Frederick Law Olmsted School)

"I had heard many great things about the atmosphere and the academics at Canisius; my mother also wanted me to go to the best school I could go to in the area. I would describe Canisius as a fantastic learning experience – not only academically, but in terms of learning important life skills as well.

"Canisius has helped with many skills like time management, problem solving, effective communication, self-awareness and interpersonal relationships."


Joseph Skoumpris ’25

Clarence (Clarence Middle School)

"I chose to attend Canisius because I saw how great a school it was and the opportunities I would have. Canisius has been a warm welcome to me, especially going into a new school with nobody that I knew ninth grade year. The friendships that you build here are one of a kind.

"The teaching is stellar. Everyone at the school is down to earth and kind. Canisius has helped me become more mature and I know now that work has to be done in order to grow."


Edward Quinn ’24

Town of Tonawanda (St. John the Baptist)

"It’s always been hard to put the feeling into words, but every time I visited Canisius, I felt the brotherhood and feeling of 'home' that I didn’t experience at any other school.

"My Canisius experience has been fantastic. Adjusting from middle school can be tough, but once I started to immerse myself in the community, it was more than just an education.

"Canisius taught me that school is more than learning facts – it is an experience that should develop all parts of us."


Visit Open House at Canisius on Sunday, Oct. 15 or Monday, Oct. 16.