Required Summer Reading Information

Welcome to Canisius!

Guided by a desire to make summer reading more engaging, we are taking a different approach for the next academic year. While summer reading will remain mandatory, our aim is to provide students more freedom to choose a book of interest.*

The reading experience will culminate with a small-group discussion in the fall. The groups will be led by a CHS teacher, administrator, or staff member, and will include students from across all four grade levels.   

The attached PDF lists and summarizes 35 books that have been chosen by adults in the CHS community. Students will choose a book via the Google sign-up form. There will be a limited number of spaces for each book, and sign-ups for each book will be first-come, first-served. Once a book has reached capacity, it will disappear from the list of available titles. Incoming freshmen who plan on participating in CrusaderPrep, please choose Bruiser. Transfer students can choose from any visible titles; however, if the book you would like to read is not on the sign-up list, and you cannot find another suitable title, email Mrs. Hogan for suggestions.

All students who choose the same book will meet in the fall for a discussion during a designated period, led by the adult who put that book on the list. (You won’t know who the adult will be until the group meets.)

Here is the process:

  1. Review the options together and make an informed decision. The sign-up form will ask you to use a google email and your student id number found in your registration packet.  If you do not have a Gmail account you can make one or email Mrs. Hogan your full name, student id, and choice.
  2. Sign up using the attached link ASAP! Remember, the book groups will be first-come, first-served, with approximately 22-25 spots per group, and transferring into CHS does not exclude you from summer reading. 
  3. Read the book using your best active reading skills. Think and annotate (take some notes) as you read. Engage with the book and consider sections and ideas you might like to discuss.

Once we begin the school year, we’ll pass along information about when and where your book discussion group will meet. In addition to the group discussion, your fall English classes will also involve discussion or writing assignments related to your chosen book. We hope that this new approach will provide a more meaningful and engaging summer reading experience.  

Mrs. Julie Hogan, English Department Chair


Please click here to access the signup form. 

* Please note that 9 and 10 Honors, as well as Advanced Placement English courses, will still have designated required reading in addition to this elective reading choice. You will receive specific information if you are enrolled in one of those courses.