Each member of the Class of 2021 must either returned his iPad to Canisius or purchase it for $175 prior to his iPad distribution session beginning the week of August 19th.

iPads are purchased in “as is” condition. Purchases may be made by credit card via the form below or at the Help Desk via cash or check by appointment. To obtain an appointment with the Help Desk, please email helpdesk@canisiushigh.org. Purchased iPads are required to remain enrolled in Canisius’ iPad management programs through the end of exams. Purchased iPads will be removed from Casper beginning on August 30th. Emails confirming the iPad has been removed from all associated Canisius management programs will be sent to the email address provided once the process is complete.

Students who do not wish to purchase their iPad must return their iPad and their two piece charger in good working order without signs of accidental damage at the beginning of their distribution session. Missing chargers will be assessed a $30 replacement fee. Students with a broken iPad and remaining accidental damage claims may still have their broken iPad repaired for the $50 accidental damage until 4pm on August 29th. Damaged iPads that are not eligible for return must be purchased. Upon request, we can provide the contact information for repair facilities both locally and by mail. Students may email helpdesk@canisiushigh.org to arrange an appointment to have their iPad repaired.

All iPads must be either turned in or bought out by the beginning of your distribution session. Books and Internet access for the 2019-2020 school year will only be accessible once a new iPad has been received. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at helpdesk@canisiushigh.org or 716-200-0395.


iPad Buyout Form