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In Companions of Jesuits, Fr. Joseph MacDonnell, S.J., notes that the three men linked to Ohm's Law were all in some way related to the Jesuits. Ohm taught in a Jesuit School, Ampere was taught by Jesuits and Volta was in a Jesuit Seminary for a short period of time. It is this deep scientific history of which the science department is a part. By teaching students the basics of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth Science, it is our hope that we too will teach men who will develop into the scientists of tomorrow.

The science courses offered in the Montante science and math wing of Canisius are structured to allow maximum flexibility for the student, depending upon his abilities and interests. All science courses meet each day, allowing adequate lecture and laboratory time.

The minimum requirement for science at Canisius is three years. For an incoming freshman, this progression usually includes Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry. For students demonstrating keen science ability, that progression may also be Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students who demonstrate interest and talent in the sciences are encouraged to take a full four year progression of science courses which may include one or more of our Advanced Placement (AP) science courses or senior electives.


  • Earth Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Advanced Placement Biology
  • Advanced Placement Chemistry
  • Advanced Placement Physics
  • Advanced Placement Psychology

Science Electives

  • Astronomy
  • Engineering
  • Physical Anthropology
  • Forensics
  • Organic Chemistry