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Religious Studies

The purpose of a Jesuit education is to assist in the formation of New Persons, transformed by the message of Christ. Those who graduate from our secondary schools should have acquired, in ways proportional to their age and maturity, a way of life that is in itself a proclamation of the charity of Christ, of the faith that comes from him, and of the justice he announced.
- Pedro Arrupe, Jesuit Superior General, 1980

All Canisius students are required to take four years of Religious Studies. One of the primary aims of the department is to guide students to grow in knowledge, understanding and faith.

The focus of the first two years is the study of the Bible and the basic content of Christian faith. An application of this content to life is the focus of the junior and senior levels.

Students are encouraged to explore their own faith and spirituality through the retreats and service opportunities offered by our Campus Ministry, as well as to appreciate other world religions. Students also explore important questions involving ethical behavior and moral issues. Attention is paid to the spirituality and ideals of St. Ignatius Loyola and the Society of Jesus throughout the curriculum.