Fine Arts

This is an especially exciting time to get involved in the music and art programs at Canisius.

Our new center for the arts opened in January 2018. The building at 1140 Delaware Avenue includes separate, acoustically engineered rehearsal spaces for large instrumental ensembles, small ensembles and choruses. The second floor of the building features classroom and workrooms for the visual arts, including a flexible layout and gallery space as well as a dedicated ceramics studio. Click here to see the classrooms in the center for the arts.

Student musicians, including a growing string orchestra, advanced and beginning choruses, large concert band, and several guitar ensembles perform throughout Western New York all year. In the spring of 2018, instrumentalists will travel to New York City to perform and attend concerts and musicals.

Instrumentalists and choral students are provided with Smart Music, an iPad application that assists in the teaching of music.

Each fall a major theatrical work is presented, as is a musical comedy in the spring. Students work on all aspects of the productions, including working behind-the-scenes.

For visual artists, opportunities likewise abound. student artists participate in numerous field trips to museums, galleries, and architectural sites.

Digital media students create short films, news broadcasts, and digital artwork using a special lab outfitted with the latest software and green screen technology.

Digital Media Arts

  • Broadcasting
  • Filmmaking
  • Graphic Design
  • Photoshop I


  • Blue Chorus
  • Concert Band
  • Introduction to Music
  • Gold Chorus
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Hand Bell Ensemble I & II
  • History of American Popular Music
  • Music Theory Independent Study
  • String Ensemble

Visual Arts

  • Architecture
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Independent Study
  • Introduction to Art
  • Sculpture
  • Studio Art


Here's a peek at the Canisius jazz ensemble in action: