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Why iPads?

A tablet program provides our students with the opportunity to develop the skills, tools, and experiences needed to succeed in high school and to better prepare them for college and beyond. Apple’s ecosystem of high quality apps, strong reputation within the education field, and the iPad’s highly functional touch screen, long battery life, and user-friendly interface most closely suit our students’ learning needs as well as our teachers’ instructional needs in the classroom.

Does the iPad take the place of all textbooks?

Most of our textbooks will be available in digital format. We do believe that eventually all textbooks will be available in this format and with a 1:1 program we will be able to take advantage of cost savings, flexibility, ability to customize and other advantages of electronic/digital textbooks. Book information will be available over the summer on our website.

Is having an iPad required?

Yes, an iPad is required.

What are the financial responsibilities?

The cost of the iPad program has been built into the larger cost of an education at Canisius through a technology fee.

Who owns the iPad?

To keep costs down, retain flexibility for the future, relieve some of the possible replacement costs for our families, and maintain consistency of devices, the school has purchased the iPads from Apple and retains ownership.

Will Canisius block my child from using apps or websites?

On campus, we actively monitor and filter our Internet connection. However, this filter does not extend beyond the boundaries of our network. The dynamic nature of the web and technology makes blocking all websites and apps a nearly impossible task. We believe that setting responsible-use standards and enforcing those standards is vital. Additionally, all freshmen and sophomores will be subject to more extensive restrictions on their devices. Parents should also set boundaries for their students with respect to iPads.

Aren’t kids already overexposed to technology?

We are aware of the challenges associated with overexposure or misuse of technology and social media. Our job is to make sure that students understand the responsible use of technology. Your child’s teachers will help in that endeavor. Students will be trained to use the right tool at the right time. Sometimes it is appropriate to conduct research online, engage in a simulation, or watch a video of a cell dissection. Sometimes it’s important to listen, to participate in or to lead a group discussion. Often it will be invaluable to use an iPad to synthesize streams of information and create dynamic projects. The iPad will help to ensure that all students have the necessary digital tools for their educational journey.

Some good ways to establish healthy limits on any technology:

  • Set a rule that iPads or laptops are only used in public rooms like the kitchen or living room.
  • Have a technology “off” time in the evening, possibly placing the device on a charger in a public space like a hallway table or kitchen counter.
  • Require that your student “friend” you or share passwords for all social media accounts.
  • Occasionally “audit” the iPad, taking a look at the apps that your student is using.
  • Model appropriate online behavior and technology use in the home. Students are watching what you do, and they will assume that yours is the appropriate standard of online behavior.
  • Discuss with your student what might happen in the case of inappropriate use of technology. What could be the long-term consequences of inappropriate behavior online for your family?
  • Highlight news with your student of what has happened with other students who have not used good judgment with technology.

Will there be training or orientation for students?

Students will receive their iPads and basic instruction for their use as part of Freshman Orientation activities in late August or early September. Details of this session will be included with Orientation information. At this Orientation students will be required to return the signed Responsible Use Policy.

Can my son bring a laptop to school instead of an iPad?

No, a laptop will not be acceptable unless it is a requirement of a course.

What happens if my son’s iPad stops working during class?

The immediate remedy is to have him sign out a loaner iPad from the Help Desk for use during the rest of the day. The Help Desk is also available to answer student questions or assist with troubleshooting issues. Having an iPad that is charged for use during the day is part of being prepared for class at Canisius and will not be viewed as a non-working iPad.

What happens if my son’s iPad becomes damaged?

In the event the iPad is accidentally damaged your son must return the iPad to the Help Desk within 48 hours. As part of our Responsible Use Policy a new iPad will be issued once a $50 deductible has been paid, in the interim a loaner iPad will be issued. While in possession of the loaner iPad the student and family assume all responsibility for the iPad. Each family is eligible for two claims over a two-year period. Further details are available in the Responsible Use Policy. Failure to report damaged iPads within the 48 hour window will result in a families being charged the full replacement cost of the iPad.

What happens if my son’s iPad is stolen?

Students are required to enable Find My iPad on their device. This process will be part of our initial orientation with the students. Find My iPad will allow us to try to locate their iPad. Additionally, Find My iPad enables Activation Lock, which prevents an iPad from being able to be set-up again without the your son’s Apple ID and password. A police report will be required and a replacement fee will be charged. Additional details will be available in the Responsible Use Policy.

How can I manage the apps my son purchases on his iPad?

Students will need their own Apple ID in order to use the iPad. It is possible to sign up for an Apple ID without a credit card. iTunes gift cards can be used in lieu of using a credit card, which would limit the funds available to the student. Management of the iPad should be handled in the same manner that you manage other technology for your son outside of Canisius.

Will an upgrade to the iPad be required?

Based on research and how quickly technology changes, a refresh of the device after two years will be required to ensure that your son is receiving all of the advantages that the technology provides. Therefore a new iPad will be issued at the start of their junior year. The new iPad is also covered under the technology fee.

Which model iPad will my son receive?

Students will receive the newest iPad available at the time of their upgrade.

What if my son withdraws from Canisius?

In the event that a student withdraws from Canisius, the family must return the iPad, provided case, and charger prior to release of the student’s records.