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Guidance and Counseling

Cura Personalis

In the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, or care for the individual, we strive to advocate for the students in every aspect of their lives. To this end, we collaborate and consult regularly with teachers, parents, and administrators to foster the academic, interpersonal, emotional and spiritual development of our students. Our goal is to help prepare students for the challenges of college and life.

Four school counselors and an administrative assistant comprise our Guidance and Counseling Department. Our team is supplemented by a part-time psychologist, a substance abuse prevention counselor, and a stress resilience expert. Mrs. Whittington, our Assistant Principal and former school counselor, also supports a small group of underclassmen. Our counseling center, adjacent to the library, is open each school day from 8:00am to 3:30pm. School counselors work with freshmen and sophomores focusing on high school adjustment and study skills. With juniors and seniors the focus is on career exploration and college admissions. Individual, as well as group counseling, occurs throughout the four years. Informational programs for parents are conducted at least four times a year regarding a variety of different topics related to academics and college planning.

Consistent with the Jesuit philosophy of using your talents in the service of others (I Peter 4:10), our career planning model has school counselors help students to first identify their strengths, abilities, and interests, and then find matching college programs to help develop these skills to prepare them for a career helping others.

Incoming Students

Our school counselors welcome you to Canisius! Consistent with the American School Counselor Association model, our professional staff "delivers a comprehensive school counseling program encouraging all students' academic, career, and personal/social development and helping all students in maximizing student achievement." The expectation at Canisius is that it is not a question of if you are going to college, but where.


Through the course of Freshman year, students will acquire skills to help them adjust to the rigors of Canisius High School including iPad training and basic technology, library and study skills. Counselors meet with all freshmen individually as well as in group settings to discuss numerous topics including, but not limited to academic expectations, standardized test preparation, course selection, anxiety/stress reduction and bullying awareness.


All sophomores take a course called Career Exploration, once per cycle during the second semester of sophomore year. Counselors utilize class sessions to implement and analyze the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (with the purpose of differentiating psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions), review PSAT results, and discuss college and career preparation. All sophomores (and all juniors) take the PSAT in October. Exposure to college admissions representatives also begins sophomore year.


All juniors take a course called College Planning, once per cycle during the second semester of junior year. Students actively use online tools for ongoing career and college decision-making. Topics include: SAT preparation and score interpretation, resume writing, scholarships/financial aid, college application and essay writing, campus visits, and more.


Seniors will meet with their counselors many times during the fall semester as they complete their college applications. Additionally, counselors will teach a college seminar class to supplement the individual meetings.  A panel discussion with recent CHS graduates will give students a “real” perspective on the college experience.

You may follow the Canisius guidance and counseling department on Twitter: @CrusaderCounsel

Class of 2025 (9th grade)

A-C: Mrs. Sugg 

D-J: Mrs. Langworthy

K-P: Dr. Veronica

R-Z: Mrs. Moscovic


Class of 2024 (10th grade)

A-D: Mrs. Langworthy

K-N: Mrs. Sugg

E-G and O-R: Dr. Veronica

H-J and S-Z: Mrs. Moscovic


Class of 2023 (11th grade)

A-D: Mrs. Langworthy

E-K: Mrs. Sugg

L-R: Dr. Veronica

S-Z: Mrs. Moscovic


Class of 2022 (12th grade)

A-E: Mrs. Langworthy

F-L: Mrs. Sugg

M-R: Dr. Veronica

S-Z: Mrs. Moscovic