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Academic Support

Canisius offers a wide range of resources to make sure we meet our students where they are. From counseling services, consultation, and more in-depth support, Canisius provides for your son everything he needs to be successful.

Guidance and Counseling Center

The focus of the school counseling team is to improve student outcomes.  They assist students in applying academic achievement strategies, managing emotions and applying interpersonal skills, and facilitating postsecondary planning.

The school counseling staff are available to facilitate parent-teacher conferences, one-on-one counseling sessions, mental health treatment referrals, study skill support, college search programming, and guidance through the college application process.

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Students are provided with the opportunity to meet with teachers during specified times within the school day.  Students may use this time with their teachers to improve understanding of specific course content, to prepare for an assessment, or to complete a missed assignment or assessment.

Learning LabIn addition to consultation a student may need additional academic support.  Learning Lab provides students with small group supplemental academic support/instruction in the areas of English, math, science, and general study skills.  Learning Lab is held from the end of the school day until 3:30 p.m. in room 2W5 and the schedule is posted on Schoology and throughout the school building.  Students may be scheduled for Learning Lab or may drop in as needed.  Students who are struggling academically may be required to attend Learning Lab, this schedule is facilitated by the student’s school counselor.

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Magis Academic Program (MAP)Different from more traditional support programs at Canisius, the Magis Academic Coaching Program will offer academic support in core subjects, including cohort-based coaching (6-8 students per coach) to meet unique learning needs including the essentials of organization, time management, and study skills.  Students participating in this program are required to meet with their coach once weekly.  Students are invited to this program based on academic need.

Technology Services

Canisius provides a 1:1 iPad program for its students. Using the Schoology and Power School formats, students have access to textbooks, resources, and communication with peers and faculty when they have questions or need to submit assignments. All students, faculty, and staff are part of the interconnected, all-Apple network, providing a working bond between teacher and student.

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