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Summer Reading Information

Dear Parents:

Summer reading has long been a tradition at Canisius High School. The requirements have fluctuated over the years—at times, reading was required only for one or two courses; at others, several courses extended summer assignments. Throughout the years, however, the English Department has been the principal purveyor of summer reading requirements.

Many schools have revisited their position on summer reading, and Canisius is no exception. We have found that this traditional approach has yielded inconsistent learning outcomes, prompting us to reflect upon how best to approach preparatory elements of our courses. We have experimented with alternative models, but after considerable discussion, we have decided to forego traditional summer reading across most English courses.

Select courses, including those with an Honors or Advanced Placement (“A.P.”) designation, will continue to extend summer reading requirements. These summer reading lists and assignments will be published on the CHS website. Students enrolled in these courses should familiarize themselves with their requirements.

The development of a healthy reading habit is a vital element of any quality education, and we encourage voluntary reading over the summer. A list of works suggested by our faculty will be available on the CHS website.

The English Department


English 9 Honors

English 10 Honors

AP Literature

AP Language and Composition