Academic Requirements

Students who successfully complete the requirements listed and detailed below will receive a Canisius High School diploma. Requirements exceed those established by the Board of Regents of the State of New York for graduation from high school in New York State.

Graduation requirements are expressed in terms of credits. One credit generally equals one full-year of study. Courses that meet less frequently award half-credits and quarter-credits as determined by the administration. Summer Session courses do not count as credits towards the Canisius High School diploma or towards the minimum load of seven (7) courses per academic year, nor are they included in a student’s GPA calculation.

To ensure completion of graduation requirements, Canisius students must enroll in at least seven (7) courses each academic year. Physical Education counts towards this seven course minimum during senior year only. The principal’s office must approve any exceptions to this policy.

Absence in excess of 20 days for any course may warrant failure and denial of course credit. The principal’s office, in consultation with the dean of students, makes determinations regarding denial of credit in the case of absenteeism exceeding 20 days.

Graduation Requirements


4 credits

Physical Education

4 half-credits


4 credits

Ignatian Service

4 half-credits


4 credits

Fine Arts

2 half-credits


3 credits


1 half-credit


3 credits

Introduction to Innovative Technology

1 half-credit

Foreign Language

3 credits*



3 credits**


30 credits