2017-2018 Book List

Resource & Book Information for 2017-2018 Year

Parents and Students:

Below is the list of books and resources that students will need for Canisius classes during the 2017-2018 school year. As Canisius uses more and more digital resources, and as paper textbooks become easier and cheaper to purchase online, Canisius will avail textbook lists to parents and students for them to identify the books and resources they need to purchase through online vendors. (No books will be stocked at Canisius) We will list the ISBN # and a link to each book (though families can acquire any necessary book wherever they choose). Ultimately students are responsible for having required texts in class when teachers expect them.

A few notes concerning this system:

  • The listed hyperlinks to online vendors are a convenience for parents and students to access if they decide to purchase the book(s) online, although they need not use that particular link if they want to purchase it elsewhere. Ultimately it doesn’t matter where parents or students acquire the book, as long as the ISBN # of the purchased book matches the ISBN # of the book listed for the class. If a link no longer works, we apologize for the inconvenience; the ISBN should allow parents and students to find the book(s) in other places via the web.
  • If a course is not listed it means that there are no required purchases for that course.

If you have any questions on the materials required please email the department chair for that department.

English - hoganj@canisiushigh.org
Fine Arts - durkin@canisiushigh.org
Foreign Language - anderson@canisiushigh.org
History - hayes@canisiushigh.org
Mathematics - pecori@canisiushigh.org
Religious Studies - kriley@canisiushigh.org
Science - wanzer@canisiushigh.org


CourseTitleISBNAcceptable VersionLink
ENG 9Of Mice and Men978-0140177398PrintPurchase
ENG 9Julius Caesar978-0743482745PrintPurchase
ENG 9Boy's Life978-0671743055PrintPurchase
ENG 9HOf Mice and Men9780140177398AnyPurchase
ENG 9HJulius Caesar (Folger Edition Only)9780743482745AnyPurchase
ENG 9HJane Eyre9780141441146AnyPurchase
ENG 9HBoy's Life9780671743055AnyPurchase
ENG 10A Lesson Before Dying9780375702709PrintPurchase
ENG 10Macbeth (Folger Edition)9780743477109PrintPurchase
ENG 10HMacbeth (Folger Edition)9780743477109PrintPurchase
ENG 10HThe Elements of Style9780205309023PrintPurchase
ENG 10HA Lesson Before Dying9780375702709PrintPurchase
ENG 10HThe Neverending Story9780140386332PrintPurchase
ENG10HA Seperate Peace9780743253970PrintPurchase
ENG 10HA Man for All Seasons9780679728221PrintPurchase
ENG 11The Great Gatsby9780743273565AnyPurchase
ENG 11Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Random House Edition)9780553210798AnyPurchase
ENG 11Catcher in the Rye (Trade Edition)9780316769174PrintPurchase
AP ENG LIT & COMPThe Great Gatsby9780743273565AnyPurchase
AP ENG LIT & COMPBilly Budd9780812504262AnyPurchase
AP ENG LIT & COMPAll My Sons9780141185460PrintPurchase
AP ENG LIT & COMPHamlet (Folger Edition)9780743477123AnyPurchase
AP ENG LIT & COMPAdventures of Huckleberry Finn (Random House Edition)9780553210798AnyPurchase
AP ENG LIT & COMPThe Glass Menagerie9780811214049AnyPurchase
ENG 12Into the Wild9780307387172AnyPurchase
ENG 12The Things They Carried9780618706419AnyPurchase
ENG 12The Kite Runner978-1594631931AnyPurchase
ENG 12Richard III978-0743482844AnyPurchase
AP ENG LANG & COMPThe Autobiography and Other Writings9780553210750AnyPurchase
AP ENG LANG & COMPWalden (150th Anniversary Edition)9780691096124PrintPurchase
AP ENG LANG & COMPCat's Cradle9780385333481AnyPurchase
CREATIVE WRITINGFitz978-0375846113AnyPurchase
CREATIVE WRITINGThe Serpent King978-0553524024AnyPurchase
CREATIVE WRITINGThe House on Mango Street978-0679734772AnyPurchase

Religious Studies

CourseTitleISBNAcceptable VersionLink
RST 9Jesus of History, Christ of Faith978-0884895305PrintPurchase
RST 10World Religions: A Voyage of Discovery (4th ed.)978-1599823294AnyPurchase
RST 10Written on Our Hearts (3rd ed.)978-0884899914AnyPurchase
RST 11This Is Our Church 978-1594711695Any

Please use the ISBN to purchase the book.

RST 11Introduction to Catholic Ethics978-1558333031Any

Please use the ISBN to purchase the book.

RST 12Theology: The Basics978-0470656754PrintPurchase
RST 12HAnatomy of the Sacred: An Introduction to Religion978-0136003809AnyPurchase
RST 12HMan’s Search for Meaning978-0807014295AnyPurchase

Fine Arts

CourseTitleISBNAcceptable VersionLink
PHOTOSHOP IAdobe Photoshop Revelead - Creative Cloud Edition978-1305260535AnyPurchase

Foreign Language

CourseTitleISBNAcceptable VersionLink
Chinese Level IIntegrated Chinese Level One Part One Workbook978-0-88727-640-8WorkbookPurchase
Chinese Level IIIntegrated Chinese Level One Part One Workbook978-0-88727-640-8WorkbookPurchase
Chinese Level IIIIntegrated Chinese Level One Part Two Workbook978-0-88727-674-3WorkbookPurchase
Chinese Level IVIntegrated Chinese Level One Part Two Workbook978-0-88727-674-3WorkbookPurchase
Spanish 1Spanish Fundamentals 19781423214472QuickStudyLaminatedBarChartPurchase
Spanish 1Spanish Fundamentals 29781423214489QuickStudyLaminatedBarChartPurchase
Spanish 2Spanish Fundamentals 19781423214472QuickStudyLaminatedBarChartPurchase
Spanish 2Spanish Fundamentals 29781423214489QuickStudyLaminatedBarChartPurchase
Spanish 3, 3H, 4, 5Spanish Grammar9781423219637QuickStudyLaminatedBarChartPurchase
Spanish 4Vida y muerte9781935575184BookPurchase
Latin 1Latin Grammar9781572228351QuickStudyLaminatedBarChartPurchase
Latin 2Latin Grammar9781572228351QuickStudyLaminatedBarChartPurchase
Latin 3Latin Grammar9781572228351QuickStudyLaminatedBarChartPurchase
Latin 4Latin Grammar9781572228351QuickStudyLaminatedBarChartPurchase
French 1Bien Dit Workbook Level 1ISBN-13/EAN: 9780547951867WorkbookPurchase
French 2Bien Dit Workbook Level 2ISBN-13/EAN: 9780547951843WorkbookPurchase
French 3Bien Dit Workbook Level 2ISBN-13/EAN: 9780547951843WorkbookPurchase
French 4Bien Dit Workbook Level 3ISBN-13/EAN: 9780547951850WorkbookPurchase


CourseTitleISBNAcceptable VersionLink
AP EUROPEANThe review book for this course will not be printed until after the school year begins.
Mr. Beecher will provide this information to students in class.
HISTORY OF BUF & WNYBuffalo, Good Neigbors978-0738524498AnyPurchase
HISTORY OF BUF & WNYNiagara: A History of the Falls978-1438429281AnyPurchase


CourseTitleISBNAcceptable VersionLink
ALG I & GEOMETRYScientific Calculator of any kindN/AN/APurchase
ALG II/PC/CALCA TI graphing Calculator (Nspire or 84)N/AN/APurchase


CourseTitleISBNAcceptable VersionLink
FORENSICSJack the Ripper978-0760787168AnyPurchase
FORENSICSForensic Science: A Very Short Introduction (1st Ed.)978-0199558056AnyPurchase

Summer Reading

Religious Studies

CourseTitleISBNAcceptable VersionLink
RST 9Bruiser by Neal Shusterman978-0061134104AnyPurchase
RST 10Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi978-0375714573AnyPurchase
RST 11Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion by Gregory Boyle978 1439153154AnyPurchase
RST 12There is no assigned summer reading text.n/an/an/a
RST 12HLazarus by Morris L. West978 1592641164AnyPurchase