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***SAVE THE DATE: APRIL 21, 2018***

An avid chess player recognizes the term "GAMBIT" as a strategic move whereby a pawn is sacrificed for a larger gain, namely, for an advantageous position on the board.

Members of the Canisius High School community, avid in their mission to ensure and to enhance the opportunities for the success of young "Men for Others," likewise recognize the term as a means to gain strategic advantage for the students of Canisius.

The sacrifices you make to support GAMBIT benefit our mission and our continued commitment to serve young men, intellectually, morally and spiritually, in the life-changing and profound experience of a Jesuit education.

In short, you help to secure for our students an "advantageous position" both within the school and beyond.

Join us for the 44th annual GAMBIT on April 21, 2018.

GAMBIT XLIII on March 25, 2017 was lots of fun and a big success thanks to all who took part. We are grateful to have a Canisius community that gives in so many ways to support this event and the mission of Canisius High School. We look forward to seeing you again in 2018!

Click the button below to view photos from GAMBIT XLIII.

2017 gambit photo gallery

Click the button below to see GAMBIT photos taken by student photographer Matt Taboni '17.

2017 gambit photos by student photographer

Our Co-Chair Couples for GAMBIT XLIII:

  • Bob and Barb Lupica (parents of Joe '17, Nick '06, Matt '05)
  • John and Maria Pieroni (parents of Luke '20, John '16)
  • Tom and Patti Raab '69 (parents of Tim '17, Michael '12, Brian '09, Patrick '07)

See who we honored at GAMBIT XLIII:

gambit XLIII loyalty award honorees

Be a GAMBIT volunteer: