Mr. Canisius Announced
Mr. Canisius Announced
By Ginger Geoffery

At a school assembly on Tuesday with students, teachers, and senior parents in the audience, Canisius High School principal Ms. Andrea Tyrpak-Endres announced that Caleb Blodgett is the winner of this year's Mr. Canisius award. The title is awarded annually to the senior who, in the estimation of his peers, epitomizes all that Canisius High School represents.

Caleb wrote the following reflection about his experience at Canisius:

The thing about Canisius is that it grows into you. Sure, as people and students we grow ourselves, but the school itself becomes a part of you if you let it. With a week left of school it's very hard to imagine leaving. Everyone, my friends from every class year, my teachers, has taken up residence in my heart. Memories at Canisius are grown in the little moments. They're in the hilarious conversations at the lunch table, in the late nights spent doing homework with a friend over FaceTime, marching to Joe's for the greatest football game you'll see all year, praying with everything you've got for your classmates, and especially standing across the street, looking at Canisius and thinking how amazing it was to go here.

I'm going to miss everything in this place, but I'm going to take what I've learned and give it back to the world. I think that's the part that no one should forget. We've been given a gift by being able to walk through those blue doors everyday. Never take it for granted. When the going gets tough and you have hours of homework, a grueling practice, way too many meetings on the same day or you're doubting your place here or even why you're here, don't worry. Take a breath, and look at the people around you. Reflect on what they add to you. Find what they have and will teach you. You may find your answer there. Take courage boys.

The other five finalists, Roscoe Garner, Mike Mazzara, Matt Roche, Eddy Sayegh and Nate Trotman all congratulated Caleb before he walked down the aisle to accept the award from Ms. Tyrpak-Endres and Canisius president Fr. David Ciancimino, S.J.

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