Makerspace on Channel 2
Makerspace on Channel 2
By Ginger Geoffery

With drones flying, 3D printers printing and robots roaming, Canisius High School students showcased the school's new makerspace lab on WGRZ-TV channel 2's Daybreak program Thursday morning, September 21. Click here to watch the report.

WGRZ's Jennifer Stanonis recording video for the segment.

The makerspace lab is new this school year at Canisius. It allows for experimenting with robotics, drones, 3D printing and programming outside of class time. It provides opportunities for students to determine earlier in their Canisius careers if they have an aptitude for computer science.

All new Canisius students are using the makerspace. A required course for freshmen this year exposes them to new technologies that are important in today's computer science careers. "Every freshman student now will do a basic 3D CAD (computer-aided design) drawing and then print his design. Each student will be able to take home something that he 3D printed."

Mr. Eric Amodeo, director of educational technology at Canisius, was interviewed for the television segment.

Computer science classes in other grade levels will also use the makerspace, and the room will be open to all students. "If a student is interested, he can come in and tinker," says Amodeo.

Watch additional video from the makerspace lab below.